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100% Natural

Millets and other raw materials are sourced and processed naturally. No chemical/synthetic process is involved in farming these produce

Easy to prepare

Takes less than 5 min to prepare, and can be your best alternative for breakfast, saving lot of time and keeps you energitic

Taste with Benefits

Not only does it taste good, but helps fighting many lifestyle disorders.

Qualitative Soluble Fibre

Aiisiri Millets Health Mix contains 8% to 12.5% of soluble, dietary fibre that aids in keeping your gut health in check.

Sourced from the Nature

Prepared with up to 24 natural ingredients, this organic superfood is pure and devoid of artificial additives.

Ready with-in 10 Minutes

All it takes is three simple steps to have a bowl full of nutritious, healthy meal that satisfies sudden hunger pangs.

  • millet health mix

    Aiisiri Millet Health Mix


Infused with the Goodness of Clay-Pot Roasting

Aiisiri Millet Health Mix is a traditionally prepared, nutrient-rich food product that contains up to 24 natural ingredients in varying quantities.

A perfect combination of 70% of millets, 14% of pulses, 10% of cereals, 5% of nuts and 1% of spices, this millet-based food product has unique medicinal qualities that highlight amazing health benefits, right from treating heart issues to the ones related to our immune system.

Tired of making frequent doctors’ visits and not having a healthy lifestyle?

If yes, begin by adopting this Millet Health Mix food product and make a healthier change to your mundane life.

Not sure how to make the transition?

Unquestionably, we are extremely used to giving up in front of our taste-buds that the mere idea of adopting diet-oriented food doesn’t leave us in a good shape of mind.

However, considering the deliciousness, mixed with a gamut of health benefits, choosing Aiisri Millets Health Mix over a regular breakfast wouldn’t be a hassle. However, if you are still not sure, get in touch with us and we will motivate you until you make the right choice.


My mother has diabetes so she has to deal with constant fatigue, obesity and other issues. Somebody recommended me this Aiisiri Millet Health Mix. After almost a month, I can see a lot of changes in her. Not just she has lost weight but has become active too.

Prashant Kumar
Interior Designer

Being a physiotherapist, I try suggesting healthy and nutritious products to my clients. However, I make sure that I consume it first. For a month and a half, I involved Aiisiri Health Mix into my daily diet and I saw amazing results. My energy levels boosted and I am more productive now. I have also recommended it to my clients.

Dr . Bhavana Devanahalli

I heard millets is one of the perfect food products for proper functioning of the immune system. In the present time, I wanted to improve my gut health. So, I tried Aiisiri Millet Health Mix. Needless to say, the product is a marvelous one and created a lot of satisfactory results for me. I’d like to recommend it to everybody out there. Try & know the difference.


Interior Designer

Still Have Questions?

If you are still doubtful regarding whether to switch to millets or not, get in touch with our support team for more information.